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I became personally committed to the Eve Appeal in early 2002 when I met Peter Vagn- Jensen and his late wife Lone who founded this cause. When I heard the statistics of ovarian cancer sufferers and the mortality rate was 78% upon the detection of the disease and that by helping to fund this cause could reduce mortality by 50% I was keen to get involved in any way I could.
By helping professor Ian Jacobs, the top scientist in gynecological cancer research with funding, we can introduce preventative measures to all women to this silent killer with regular screening. As you know, by the time symptoms to this disease are discovered you generally fall into the 78% mortality rate statistic and if my help could reduce that statistic by 50% I decided I would do whatever it takes to help. 
Due to my expedition being fully funded by Banco De Chile ( thank you Andronico Luksic for supporting the Eve Appeal), I am able to committ 100% of funds raised directly to this worthy cause and I am delighted to carry the Eve Appeal flag on my journey to the summit of Mount Everest, I will be saying a special prayer to Lone Vagn- Jensen and all women whose lives have been taken by this horrible disease. I implore everyone to give generously to this cause and I will continue in my quest to climb the seven summits to carry the Eve Appeal flag to the highest mountains on each continent.

"Our skilled research team share a determination to make a difference for the women unfortunate to develop a gynecological cancer. There are extraordinary opportunities available, through a combination of new insights into the underlying mechanisms responsible for these cancers and the availability of powerful new technology to study them. Support of the Eve Appeal is essential if we are to turn these opportunities into a reality which can change the lives of many thousands of women and their families."

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